SAT test was deliberately done at below 300 km: DRDO

Mindy Sparks
April 8, 2019

The target satellite was hit with an accuracy of less than 10 cm, on par with "the best reported performances" of such A-Sat missiles worldwide. But, multiple (targets) is definitely feasible.

Only 3 other countries, the United States, Russia and China, have ASAT capabilities.

At the briefing held at the DRDO Bhawan today, Reddy said the interceptor had the capability to intercept satellites in orbit of 1,000 km.

Amid hue and cry over the debris left in space after India A-SAT missile test, the DRDO on Saturday said the test was deliberately done below 300 km to ensure that debris decay is fast.

The chief of India's military research agency has announced plans to expand "deterrence" capabilities in space, extolling prospective orbital and laser weapons, after its successful test of an anti-satellite missile last month.

Reddy said the simulation studies show all debris of the Indian A-SAT test would decay in 45 days.

"We do not need any more tests in this orbit now. Our simulations show all debris will decay in 45 days", he added. We don't have information on that. To this, Reddy responded, "The debris won't cause a problem to any existing global space assets".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had hailed the A-SAT test's success as "an unprecedented achievement" that makes India a "space power".

He informed that amongst the scores of scientists involved in the project, around 35-40 of them were women while also asserting that around 2000 systems and sub-components of the mission were developed by 50 industries around the country. "As we explained, in 2014 the discussions on this started and in 2016, a presentation was given to the highest office".

Interestingly, DRDO's press interaction with media comes just five days ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

"Many eminent serving/retired strategic experts, technocrats, diplomats, the top brass of Armed forces, scientific fraternity across various departments participated in the deliberations", said a statement released by the government.

"Mission of this nature after a test is conducted can't be kept secret".

The Indian satellite was destroyed at a relatively low altitude of 300 kilometres -120 kilometres below the ISS and most orbiting satellites. He added that all necessary permissions were taken.

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