At least three cases of Candida auris fungus in Singapore since 2012

Leslie Hanson
April 9, 2019

"However, many of these people had other serious illnesses that also increased their risk of death", the CDC said.

The federal centers for disease control and prevention have now added this new fungus to a list of germs deemed as "urgent threats".

Individuals with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk of the C. auris.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sounding the alarm about a deadly superbug on the rise nationwide, and the majority of the cases are found in NY hospitals and nursing homes.

The Center for Disease Control reports almost half of patients who contract Candida auris die, and the fungi spreads very easily and can take over a hospital room, leading some hospitals to keep the outbreak quiet to avoid public hysteria, according to the report.

Most C. auris infections are treatable with a class of antifungal medications called echinocandins.

Most of the cases were reported in New York, New Jersey and IL.

Candida auris cases have been reported across the world since it first turned up in Japan in 2009.

Note : Nearly half of the patients who contract C Auris die within 90 days, according to a statement from the CDC. The doctors prescribed antibiotics and antifungal medication, but fluconazole was discontinued after a week when the fungus was tested to be resistant to it, the report said. As you can see from the map below, New York, New Jersey, and IL have seen the most cases by far-with more than 550 cases between them.

Symptoms of C. auris infection depend on the part of the body affected.

In the letter, the experts warned: "This highlights the need for a screening policy for C. auris in patients transferred from overseas hospitals, especially from countries reported to have this yeast in order to prevent its establishment and spread within the institution". Finally, it has caused outbreaks in healthcare settings.

There has been little coverage on this global outbreak, mostly because many hospitals and governments are reluctant to disclose such outbreaks for fear of being seen as infection hubs, The New York Times reported.

- Federal health authorities are warning about an emerging fungu that presents a serious global health threat and is showing up in NY and New Jersey.

Reports of C. auris have come from Venezuela, Spain, Great Britain, India, Pakistan, and South Africa, according to the Times.

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