AT&T launches 5G mobile network in seven more cities

Doris Richards
April 11, 2019

Additionally, there is no commercial AT&T smartphone capable of connecting to 5G services and the 5G hotspot the company launched late past year isn't easy (or maybe even impossible) to get. Sadly, the only device with support right now is the Netgear 5G hotspot.

At the same time, AT&T doesn't sell any smartphones that can actually connect to its 5G network at the moment.

The newly added markets are Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose. With that in mind, do not expect city-wide, uninterrupted 5G coverage. But of course, there are caveats involved in this, which, while disappointing, should perhaps come as no surprise considering how barebones 5G still is.

AT&T was, by some measures, the first carrier to roll out 5G wireless services in late 2018. The Netgear hotspot also comes with certain technical limitations since the Qualcomm X50 chipset supports only short-range data transfer. 5G E is simple a rebranding of AT&T LTE Advanced Pro network, which most recent smartphone could connect to.

"By early 2020 we'll have the best combination of mobile 5G - providing both the higher speeds available over mmWave spectrum and nationwide coverage available "over sub-6" spectrum", Andre Fuetsch, president AT&T Labs and chief technology officer, said in a statement.

"We spent the early part of this year accelerating and advancing our 5G network with early adopters by our side".

AT&T claims it's the only carrier offering 5G to businesses and consumers in the 19 cities where it has launched.

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It's certainly promising, sure, but there are a number of issues left to resolve before the new standard begins phasing out LTE networks. It did little to specify these, however.

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