Battle of the billionaires: Elon Musk reignites feud with Jeff Bezos

Lloyd Doyle
April 11, 2019

Elon Musk just poured some rocket fuel on his space race against Jeff Bezos.

Elon Musk is slamming Jeff Bezos as a copycat after the Amazon CEO announced his rocket startup's plans to launch 3,000 internet satellites into space.

Bezos issued no response to this week's jab from Musk, on Twitter or otherwise, but there was a tweet from OneWeb founder and executive chairman Greg Wyler. Musk made sure to tag Bezos on his catty smack-down.

The initiative, that would reach about 95 percent of the globe, was revealed in federal filings.

Musk wasn't too thrilled about Bezos' talent poaching nor his new satellite project.

That's because SpaceX already has had a very similar and much larger project called "Starlink" in the works for over a year.

According to CNBC, Bezos had hired SpaceX's former vice president of satellites Rajeev Badyal, who led the Starlink project to spearhead his Blue Origin's own project. As CCN reported, an ex-employee accused Musk of yelling at and pushing him when he returned to Tesla's delivery hub a day after resigning.

The feud between Musk and Bezos is years in the making.

So naturally, this is the flawless time for the king of inappropriate Twitter behaviour, Elon Musk, to start trolling him.

Alongside Amazon, Bezos is also the founder of spaceflight company Blue Origin, which is a competitor to SpaceX.

In November 2015, Bezos tweeted "the rarest of beasts-a used rocket" after his space travel company, Blue Origin, successfully launched and then landed a New Shepard rocket. Musk gleefully pointed out that his company had done the same thing - three years earlier. Three years ago, the pair got into a face-off about who was the first space entrepreneur to successfully launch a reusable rocket. In January 2019, SpaceX laid off 10 per cent of its 6,000-employee workforce as part of a move to streamline costs.

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