Snapchat releases its rebuilt app

Doris Richards
April 11, 2019

Snapchat Android application has always been criticized for being laggy and inferior to the iOs version available for Apple devices.

Chief among the improvements is the speeds and interaction time between the app and user.

While many would have expected parent company Snap to unveil the news at its Partner Summit 2019 just last week, Snapchat instead revealed the good news on its official Twitter account on Monday.

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One difference between the Android and iOS cases was that while hackers were able to put their Android apps straight into the Google Play Store, they needed to use the Apple Developer Enterprise Programme to bypass Apple's tightly controlled App Store. Snapchat worked better on iOS since the launch, which makes Android users feel unhappy. The company has previously faced a lot of criticism over the Snapchat experience on Android, and it has reportedly been working for more than a year to finally fix some of those problems.

"[Android devices] don't all behave the exact same way, right?"

As Android Authority relates in an interview with members of Snapchat's development team, the rewrite has been in the works for a while.

Apart from tweaks in the performance, there are no changes done in the UI of the app.

Security researchers at the US-based IT security company, Lookout, revealed that the app could steal contacts, videos, photos, real-time location data from users' devices and tap their phone calls as well, The Verge reported on Monday. Netflix has also agreed to become part of SnapKit so that the users can share their favorite show clips to the stories.

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