Google and Huawei will compensate owners of borked Nexus 6P devices

Doris Richards
April 14, 2019

Some Nexus 6P owners complained of frequent bootloops, whereupon the phone would suddenly shut down and attempt to restart, but remain stuck at the boot screen and fail to properly launch for minutes at a time. Assuming it does, customers in the United States who purchased a Nexus 6P on September 25, 2015, or later can make a claim for restitution.

The two companies will be paying out $9.75 million or up to $400 per customer.

Even though Nexus 6P is one of the most popular Android smartphones ever made, this doesn't mean that the smartphone doesn't have its fair share of issues.

There's nothing like thinking you have 20 percent battery left and then the phone just shutting down on you! Provided the court approves the settlement on 9 May, anyone in the U.S. bought the Nexus 6P from 25 September 2016 onward will be eligible for as much as $400 if they provide documentation, while those without will receive up to $75. Now, Google and Huawei have preliminarily agreed to settle a class action lawsuit with compensation. That's merely a formality, though, which will be followed by the publication of a dedicated website where you'll be able to make a claim. Moreover, those who submit proper documentation for the bug will receive the large settlement amount, while those without any documentation may be eligible for up to $75. According to the settlement brief, plaintiffs alleged that the Google Nexus 6P had a defect that caused two different issues.

The lawsuit alleges that owners of borked devices were "stonewalled" by Huawei, which blamed the Google software, and claims that both firms breached the Nexus 6P's warranty because they were aware of the issue and did nothing to fix it. For instance, if you didn't actually experience any bootloop or battery drain issues or you already received a Pixel XL as a replacement for your faulty Nexus 6P back in 2017, you'll only get a reward of between $5 and $10.

So, if you did own a faulty Nexus 6P and maybe still have all the necessary documentation to prove it was buggy, keep your eyes on the lawsuit. You can browse the pending settlement form that explains all your legal rights and options here.

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