US unveils plans to speed up 5G wireless deployment

Lloyd Doyle
April 14, 2019

According to some estimates, the wireless industry plans to invest $275 billion in 5G networks, creating 3 million American jobs quickly, and adding $500 billion to our economy.

The race to 5G was already but now it has got an official seal of approval from the world's most "powerful man".

Patently Apple: If the President wants the win the 5G Race, then they should provide Apple and Intel with incentives to launch a 5G version of the iPhone in early 2020 as opposed to late 2020.

In an event at the White House Friday, President Trump and Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced two initiatives to "ensure USA leadership" in connectivity. By next year, Mr. Trump claimed, the US should boast more 5G spectrum than any other country.

5G - with speeds 100 times faster than the current 4G mobile internet - will allow the emergence of everything from so-called smart cities and farms to self-driving cars. This is especially true as we emerge into this 5G environment where some of the networks could be managed from overseas using various software tools. With 5G, a movie that takes minutes to download on your phone will load in seconds.

Pai, a former Verizon lobbyist, also said the next 5G auction, scheduled for December 10, will be the FCC's largest one yet. The last major auction held by the FCC was completed a couple of years ago when T-Mobile purchased 31MHz of low-frequency 600MHz spectrum.

"This is a critical tool towards closing the digital divide and will provide some of the critical infrastructure to connecting rural Americans with 5G technologies", Pai said. We want to make sure that our networks are secure. Its goal is to connect up to four million rural homes and business to high-speed internet. He also took the opportunity to discuss Huawei. The US president further said, "To accelerate and incentivize these investments, my administration is freeing up as much wireless spectrum as needed".

"We had another alternative of doing it. leading through the government", he said.

Verizon Communications Inc, AT&T Corp, Sprint Corp and T Mobile US Inc are beginning to deploy 5G service in USA cities and are working to extend their networks as 5G-compatible phones slowly become available. The U.S. government has effectively banned the Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei in the majority of U.S. networks due to concerns about Chinese government spying and has pressured allies to do the same as they build out 5G.

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