IOS 13 mega-leak confirms Dark Mode and improved iPad multitasking

Doris Richards
April 17, 2019

Safari on the iPad will automatically ask for a desktop version of a website when necessary, preventing a common scenario that sees iPhone versions of sites popping up on the tablet (hello, YouTube).

First and foremost is the much-anticipated system-wide dark mode feature that will supposedly roll out with the new iOS 13. The system-wide dark mode is in a similar vein to that already found in macOS, and there are changes coming that will help with multitasking and productivity.

We already heard the implementation of a system-wide Dark Mode for iOS devices that would be similar to what arrived on Mac machines through macOS 10.14 Mojave a year ago.

Additionally, iOS 13 on the iPad will allow apps to have multiple windows. Earlier only Undo typing has been available which required a physical shaking of the iPhone to enable the feature, which was certainly awkward.

IPad users will also be treated to a new undo gesture; now, iOS users have to physically shake their device to undo, but with iOS 13, iPad users will be able to perform a three-finger tap on the keyboard area, after which sliding left and right will allow users to undo and redo actions. You'll also get a "read later" queue. Apple is also said to be bringing improved multitasking and a lot more besides.

iOS 13 will have new gestures to select multiple items in table and collection views.

Developers would be able to use a different status bar style, including light or dark, for each side of an in-app split view. Likewise, users would also be able to reset their position by double-clicking the divider. Now while that may have seen a very cool little hidden feature, Facebook has now chose to implement the feature into the settings of the Messenger app across iOS and Android. This approach is similar to what third-party apps like Edison Mail, Spark, and others offer.

Furthermore, the report adds that font management is expected to improve on iOS 13, along with a redesigned Reminders app, improved "Hey Siri" rejection, multilingual support for keyboards and dictation, as well as more options for in-app printing controls and more.

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