Galaxy Fold Review Units are Breaking

Doris Richards
April 18, 2019

Samsung does mention this in the manual for the Galaxy Fold: "The main screen includes a special protective layer".

Earlier reviewers are finding the device is extremely fragile, particularly the screen, with multiple reviewers running into problems. With very strong Gorilla Glass screen coverings, we've gotten used to being pretty rough on phones - and the Fold just isn't going to be able to take that much abuse.

One of the big questions about the Galaxy Fold is how well Samsung's new foldable phone would hold up to steady use and repeated folding and unfolding.

While this is only a few different reports, these issues are being experienced by reviewers, so it seems like there could be a problem here. At least two of the reports of failed displays came while the Galaxy Fold's top layer was kept in place and undamaged, which points to the larger discussion of just how fragile the display technology is no matter what you do. He noticed a small bulge underneath the display right at the fold crease. After continued use, whatever was pressing against the display actually pierced through the OLED panel.

CNBC's Steve Kovach encountered a flickering, unusable screen on half of his unfolded device.

We've also seen some reviewers peel off a layer of the display on objective, thinking it was a removable protective layer that many phones ship with.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said his display is busted, though he noted he took off a "protective layer/film" Samsung says shouldn't be removed.

There were already concerns about the fragility of the display due its covering being made of plastic along with the constant folding/unfolding stresses that the device would undergo.

Finally, Marques Brownlee - aka MKBHD - had the same issue as Gurman with the protective display film peeling.

But reporters from The Verge and CNBC said they left that layer on and their screens still broke.

The Fold features a 20-part, dual-axis hinge that's created to open and close seamlessly with just a little bit of force. He confirmed that a piece inside the device poked up and did something bad to the inside of the Galaxy Fold.

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