Microsoft's All-Digital Xbox One S Is Finally a Reality

Doris Richards
April 18, 2019

The $250 Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is $50 cheaper than current Xbox One S models. It does lead to an odd looking device, and from initial teardowns, it's got identical components and internal layout with a big empty space where the drive used to be. A few months from now we can expect to see similar discounts to the Xbox One SAD, because the bottom line price to retailers will also be lower.

That technically means portions of Xbox Game Pass as it exists now are PC-friendly as well, but Microsoft has already confirmed a more official plan to bring the subscription service to PC.

Some might be disappointed by the pricing of the Xbox One S All Digital. Build a library of digital games in the cloud that goes where you go, along with your saves, and pre-install upcoming games so you're ready to play the moment they launch. An "Ultimate" subscription will launch later in 2019 at $14.99/month, roping together all the subscription benefits of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass - $60/year and $9.99/month, respectively - under one umbrella. Microsoft is introducing a whole new type of console into its product line with the All-Digital Edition, and one that's created to appeal specifically to a segment of customers that haven't yet hopped aboard the Xbox train. Despite the slight reduction in price, many users feel that the starting point is simply too high to be willing to commit to a single locked-down ecosystem. The Xbox One S version, which added 4K video playback and game resolution upscaling, as well as HDR support, launched in August 2016. For online multiplayer games you will also need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold. The new console is not a required piece of hardware for anyone but only for those who only want to download their games; options are never a bad thing.

Microsoft wants as many gamers to embrace its digital online framework as possible; not only do they make more money on a per-game basis because there's no manufacturing of discs or cases, but they get to keep 100% of all revenues of first-party games.

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