We Honestly Aren't Sure What's Going On With This SWAMP THING Situation

Angelo Anderson
April 18, 2019

Ian Ziering just stirred the interest of longtime DC Comics readers and horror fans by sharing the first teaser trailer from the upcoming DC Universe series Swamp Thing, which is billed as a truly dark descent into the macabre, supernatural mythology that is closely associated with Alan Moore's classic 1980s version of the doleful bog creature. The character of Alec Holland first appeared in Swamp Thing #1 in November 1972.

Update: Following this morning's report that SWAMP THING has halted production and will now be ten episodes as opposed to its original thirteen, a teaser for DC Universe's swamp-tastic series has risen from the boggy depths.

The series, which will now only comprise 10 episodes, will still launch on May 31 after suffering creative issues that led to the curtailing of its season from its initially-planned 13 episode total. While the adjustment to Titans was somewhat minor, and with that series prepping an insanely ambitious second season, the cut episode didn't cause much of a stir. Mark Verheiden (Battlestar Galactica, Netflix's Daredevil) and Gary Dauberman (It) are attached to co-write the series and act as showrunners, with James Wan (Aquaman) set to executive-produce the series alongside Verheiden, Dauberman, and Michael Clear. We have been cut to the core by those who have never set foot into the Swamp. In it, she said, "I'm beyond sad". And despite the rule I am going to use the hashtag.

If that happens, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment would have a few options, including selling the first season of Swamp Thing (and other originals on the streamer) to another network, or simply making the DC Universe one of the channels/portals/sections within the WarnerMedia streaming service they're working on with AT&T.

DC Universe is more of a niche streaming service, as it's being aimed specifically at DC fans. When looking at the numbers, it was stated that DC pumped $85 million into the Wilmington area for SWAMP THING, which makes their move to abandon ship all the more curious.

We honestly don't know, and for now, there's no official word on the matter.

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