Apple Music faces fresh competition from Amazon’s new free option

Angelo Anderson
April 20, 2019

That said, the selection available in this free tier is far more limited than what you can get from Spotify (which offers its massive library free on certain devices without a subscription), but if you own an Echo and don't pay for a Spotify subscription, you can't listen to Spotify on the Echo anyway.

While this is certainly a step forward for Amazon - giving things away for free isn't usually its strong suit - but it comes just one day after Google announced that YouTube Music would be available for free on every Google Home speaker.

Amazon has announced that Echo owners will be able to use part of Amazon Music for free. Similarly to Amazon's feature, you can give a command like "play Latin vibes" and YouTube will find a station. You will be served ads from time to time and you won't get a full-fledged experience as well.

"Beginning today, customers in the US who do not yet have a Prime membership or a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited will now be able to listen to an ad-supported selection of top playlists and stations for free with Amazon Music on compatible Alexa-enabled devices", an Amazon announcement notes.

Amazon announced that its customers in the USA will be able to listen to an ad-supported section of top playlists and radio stations for free on Echo and Alexa-powered devices. You can't ask for specific albums or songs on either Amazon Music or YouTube Music's free offering.

The service, available starting today in the United States, will provide access to top Amazon Music playlists and thousands of stations.

It is clear that this move from Google and Amazon is clearly focused on taking advantage of their voice assistant powered devices to capture a bigger pie of the music streaming market.

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