Comedian Lil Dicky gets serious about Earth Day with All-star music video

Angelo Anderson
April 20, 2019

The group of A-listers, which includes Bieber, Sia, Grande, Miley, Ed Sheeran and more, lend their voices to anything and everything climate change-related. At The Disco's Brendon Urie, Halsey and more.

Despite its serious subject, the "Earth" video is lighthearted, comedic, and courting controversy - after all, this is Lil Dicky.

Hailey Bieber only took on her husband Justin Bieber's name six months ago when they tied the knot, but the model is already utilising the pop star's moniker for a brand new venture.

At more than seven minutes long, the animated video features a roster of A-list celebs. "I just had the idea of, 'Wouldn't it be amusing to cast different artists to play different animals?'"

And if the fact that Lil Jon, as a clam, utters the line "what the f-k, I'm a clam?" isn't weird enough for you, perhaps this will be: as the video transitions from Bieber telling viewers his "anus is huge", we literally travel through the singer's baboon butt to meet Grande's zebra (2:21, see for yourself) who is very quickly mauled by Halsey's lion cub.

The rapper and comedian turned to the live audience and passionately spoke about the "environmental crisis going on right now" before sneaking in a story about how cool actor Leonardo DiCaprio is.

Additionally, Lil Dicky reveals the proceeds from the video will be allocated toward a cause that will be deliberated by Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation.

The objective of the song seems to shed a light on all the current issues plaguing our planet, like climate change, and embrace all the solutions that people like actor Leonardo DiCaprio have proposed to save the Earth.

Lil Dicky, who's known for being pretty irreverent in his music, told Time magazine: "I'm still like a peon compared to someone who's actively informed".

You can check out the clip, which features 20 seconds of the music video, below.

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