Full Bitcoin Node to be Integrated into HTC's New Crypto Smartphone

Doris Richards
May 15, 2019

HTC's Decentralized Chief Officer, Phil Chen, was quoted as calling the original Exodus' performance satisfactory. The Exodus 1s will offer users the opportunity to run a full node on the Bitcoin blockchain. For what it's worth, HTC was gunning to include node capabilities in the Exodus 1, but the company ultimately chose to drop the functionality for the device's first iteration - perhaps due to Google's updated Play store policy that forbids on-device mining.

What's more, the HTC Exodus 1s will be significantly cheaper than the HTC Exodus 1.

As a result of these features, owners of the device will be able to verify monetary crypto transactions of any amount with the touch of a button. The Exodus 1 featured HTC's "Zion" cryptocurrency wallet, and the new Exodus 1s will reportedly build on this functionality. For context, Bitcoin nodes are now limited to just 9500 active nodes, and HTC says that more Bitcoin nodes are needed if the cryptocurrency is to sustain its decentralised nature.

Chen said, "The company has always believed in an open source environment and that's now more important than ever as the tech world recognizes that the open source movement got hijacked into owning everybody's data". The new toolkit will allow developers to explore integrating cryptocurrencies and the smartphone with third-party apps. "We understand it takes a community to ensure strength and security", HTC said in the announcement, "so it's important to the EXODUS team that our community have the best tools available to them". A device that acts as a Bitcoin node has to keep the entire blockchain history, which means that the device has to store around 200GB worth of data.

Though the specification hasn't yet been released for the device, the retail price is touted to be between $250 and $300. It will also come with Bitcoin blockchain.

In saying so, the EXODUS 1s will also conduct normal smartphone operations as well, such as music, videos, pictures, apps, and dapps.

Following this news, HTC marks the biggest step yet seeking to integrate mobile technology with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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