Nebraska farmer amputates leg with pocketknife after getting caught in corn hopper

Lester Mason
May 16, 2019

Kurt Kaser made headlines after using a pocket knife to saw off his own leg following a risky accident with machinery on his island.

Kurt Kaser, 63, a life-long farmer in the central state of Nebraska, said he was working alone last month, moving corn from one place to another when he got out of his truck and mistakenly stepped into "that little hole" of the hopper. "And then when my foot was in there banging around, I was trying to hold my leg, pulling it out, and I said, 'This is not good'".

"I didn't have a phone on me, I didn't know where it had gone, so I just started cutting with the knife", he said.

"The bone stuck out down to my ankle", Kaser told Omaha World-Herald.

Mr Kaser said he had removed a safety covering at the end of the auger in the winter to make the equipment fit under a grain bin, and told ABC News he was "kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't think of fixing that thing".

His occupational therapist, Dani Willey, said Kaser - who admitted that he "paid the price" for not paying attention - now has his sights set on returning to his farm.

Local media showed images of Kaser in a wheelchair, his bandaged left leg amputated below the knee. I was afraid it was going to suck me in more.

"I guess I'm stubborn".

"These accidents happen all the time, when I was a sixth grader my other leg got stuck in a tractor, only my skin suffered that time", he said.

"It is what it is", he told KETV.

After a week in the hospital and another two weeks recovering at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, he was released Friday. He will have to wait for the amputated leg to fully heal before getting a prosthetic leg.

After he cut himself free from the corn hopper, Kaser crawled to his house about 150 feet away and called 911.

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