NYC mayor says he’ll decide this week on presidential run

Lester Mason
May 16, 2019

Supporters of President Donald Trump on May 13 upstaged a Green New Deal press conference featuring progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The fines are part of legislation passed by the city council in April that seeks to cut planet-warming emissions from the city's largest buildings. He joked that it was "so nice of them to serenade us".

Television footage of the event shows Trump fans upstaging the speakers by riding on the escalators behind the podium and holding signs with messages like "Failed Mayor", "Worst Mayor Ever" and "Trump 2020". The building is on course to be fined $850,871 a year. Clearly, they are uncomfortable with the truth, ' he said.

Buildings are responsible for almost 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the city, the mayor's office said in a statement.

The Democrat, who is still mulling a potential 2020 White House run, staged a rally in the lobby of Trump Tower - where the president famously launched his first campaign - to drum up publicity for the city's effort to slow the pace of global warming.

But the main facet of the deal is the plan clamp down on emissions from the city's famed skyscrapers with a goal of reducing overall emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

De Blasio said Trump's buildings in the city could face a combined $2.1 million in annual fines if they don't reduce emissions by 2030.

Buildings that fail to meet the marks will be punished by major fines.

The mayor asserted that the city's new greenhouse gas-combating initiative "begins with this building right here", even though he admitted that the president's former company is not the city's worst carbon offender.

City officials said the president's eight largest NY properties pump out around 27,000 tons of planet-warming gases every ear.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and federal authorities will miss their self-imposed deadline to select the next top boss for the city's embattled Housing Authority for the second time, the administration admitted in a statement released late Monday. "Cut your emissions or we'll cut something you really care about". Instead, he has promoted deregulation of the energy sector, which the president says will foster economic growth. "New York City will not survive without a radical action to stop climate change". The city plans to be carbon neutral by 2050. "With flames on our hillsides and floods in our streets, cities can not wait another moment to confront the climate crisis with everything we've got".

The Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment.

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