Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct Announced

Doris Richards
May 16, 2019

It'll see four members of the Super Mario Maker community competing in a variety of insane Mario courses designed within the new game by Nintendo's Treehouse Team.

If you're looking for all the pertinent information on the Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct including when it starts and how to watch online, we have you covered.

The latest May 15, 2019 Nintendo Direct live streaming event is once again being hosted over on the official Nintendo YouTube channel.

Also, Nintendo today announced the Super Mario 3D World mode, which is two-dimensional but allows for features that the other games' levels won't support, like teleporting glass pipes and cat suits. "Super Mario Maker 2's" multiplayer is contained within the Course World hub. Users get access to Snake Block with a user-determined trajectory (plus there are fast blue ones), the tilting seesaw that moves under Mario's weight, the swinging claw for flinging Mario across the map, and a water level tool for adjusting where the water is located, as well as whether the water rises over the course of the game.

Unlike the original Super Mario Maker, the upcoming Switch iteration boasts several different online multiplayer modes. It also includes games that have yet to be released, like Super Mario Maker 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Astral Chain and Fire Emblem Three houses, so if you're keen on getting at least two of those games, it's worth buying the vouchers. If you make successful levels, you'll earn Maker Points that you can dump into cosmetics for your Mii avatar. Let us know in the comments section below.

The Nintendo Direct broadcast starts at the 29:30 minute mark in the video above.

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