DOOM Eternal - Full E3 Showcase Presentation

Doris Richards
June 12, 2019

One for launching in a rather poor state, and the other for being heavily geared toward micro-transactions.

Making their fifth appearance as a major conference giver at E3, Bethesda is ready for E3 2019. Where special attention was placed on the community and how the publisher would continue to listen and react and make changes based on feedback. There was a lot of focus on how it was you, the fans, who made their games, both as fans turned developer and as fans turned players. And well on its way to becoming Game of the Year.

Elsewhere, the hack'n'slash adventure Elder Scrolls Blades, recently released on smartphones, is coming to Nintendo Switch, and there's to be a free-to-play smartphone return for Id Software's old platforming hero, Commander Keen, out in the summer. And yes, it will still retain its free-to-play status in the transition. Did you think there weren't enough dragons in ESO? And love. Here's hoping the game's long-standing performance issues are addressed before its debut.

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Shinji Mikami, the man behind some of the best games in the survival horror genre, is back with another new IP.

It's possible we'll see some new details and content for Rage 2, as the recently released first-person shooter has quite a hefty roadmap of post-launch content. And by more we mean gameplay.

Bethesda had a great conference during E3 - although it had said that Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield wouldn't be discussed during the presentation.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends keeps on trucking. It doesn't look great.

All the trailer shows is the potential setting in which the game could take place.

[Story trailer -] Bloodier and gorier than ever before, "Doom Eternal" also features some spectacular backdrops to its incessant demon-destroying action. And speaking about Arkane Studios the next game from the studio behind the excellent Dishonored series, is a new project called Deathloop. There were more than a few echoes from Ubisoft's E3 2015 press conference, when that company came in for an bad lot of stick after Watch Dogs failed to live up to expectations and Assassin's Creed Unity turned out to be a buggy mess, and it was with good reason that Bethesda shifted to a more conciliatory tone.

The company has plans to present an in-depth look at the upcoming "Doom Eternal" on Sunday, following the game's announcement for Google's upcoming streaming service Stadia earlier this week.

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