Jessica Biel, facing criticism, explains why she is against California vaccine bill

Angelo Anderson
June 13, 2019

According to The Daily Beast, the pair was lobbying against SB 276, a state bill that limits medical exemptions from vaccinations without a public health official's prior approval.

Update: Jessica Biel posted a statement on Instagram early Thursday morning, writing that she is "not against vaccinations - I support children getting vaccinations", but that she is against the proposed California bill. The new state bill would require the State Department of Public Health to approve every medical exemption form written by a physician, as the existing law now allows children to skip out on immunizations with a written statement from their physician - AKA, it would be much harder to flake on vaccination day with a paper slip.

While Biel included the hashtag for SB-277 - a 2015 bill which removed personal belief exemptions for vaccinations - it was SB-276 that she actually went to the Capitol to address this week.

Between protests over state-specific bills and a cruise ship being quarantined over a measles outbreak, the vaccination issue is exploding in the United States. Not because I don't believe in vaccinations, but because I believe in giving doctors and the families they treat the ability to decide what's best for their patients and the ability to provide that treatment.

Actress Jessica Biel has joined the parade of prominent Hollywood actors who are opposing mandatory vaccinations for California.

The environmental activist posted photos on Instagram calling Biel "courageous" and saying they spent a "busy and productive day at the California State House".

"She was a very effective advocate", he praised Biel. She said she worries about people such as her friends, whose child has a medical condition that requires exemption from vaccinations.

"Biel and Kennedy's primary concern with the bill stems from what they deem bureaucratic 'red tape, ' which they believe would force kids to receive vaccinations", reported The Daily Beast.

Kennedy also said that Biel has had friends leave the state because they have been "vaccine-injured". That's why I spoke to legislators and argued against this bill. "She feels that vaccination could cause complications", a Touch Weekly source claimed at the time.

Biel, who shares 4-year-old son Silas with husband Justin Timberlake, has not publicly shared her own position on vaccines, however her alignment with Kennedy has led Twitter to assume that she is also an anti-vaxxer.

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