USGA: US Open Begins on Thursday

Annette Crawford
June 13, 2019

Adam Scott during his Wednesday practice round at the 2019 US Open at Pebble Beach.

Few courses can boast Pebble Beach's beguiling mixture of beauty and menace and that trio of par-fours sums up what promises to be another fascinating Major, bar set-up mistakes by the USGA or an unexpected curve-ball from Mother Nature.

Wait, what you've always done?

"And it's hard to catch up, especially as Major championships are played on the toughest courses, and you start to chase on those really tough courses, it's hard to do that. And then going into the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine, I felt like that was a real good stretch of golf that I played".

This is the sixth time Pebble Beach is hosting the U.S. Open.

The Cliffs of Doom - that fateful run from the eighth to the 10th - will play a big role in identifying the 119th US Open champion. He was a guy who had the contradictory set of personality traits to succeed: extreme toughness and extreme patience. He was Payne Stewart and Hale Irwin; he was Corey Pavin and Lee Janzen.

With tens of thousands of connections expected per day at the golf major, some 350 Cisco wireless active points will be placed throughout the venue to create blanket Wi-Fi coverage.

Cut: Top 60 players and ties after 36 holes. When he played as a 21-year-old in 2010, he described the 14th as "the most hard par-five I've ever played". "Very juicy. You need to put the ball in the fairways".

Now, here we are, back at Pebble Beach and everything, for the time being, looks ideal.

There is pressure, they admit, to get it right at one of America's best courses. But we are better from listening to those perspectives.

"I feel like the times that I have led for the most part I have been pretty good in that position". It doesn't make it any different than any other golf course. I'm talking myself up a little here, but it does free you up. My hunch is that this week will turn out great.

"And if I've learned one thing about the U.S. Open overall these years, it is [that] your distance control has to be spot on".

"All of the above", said Woods, who had electrified the golf world in April with his triumph at the Masters. "I've played two tournaments with that setup, and it's worked pretty well". Getting back somewhat close to its old identity would be a blessing for the game, because by trying to be too many things, it almost ended up as nothing.

Could he be on pace for his first majors win since 2017?

"Severely underachieved, I think", Day said.

"It's certainly been a slower process than I imagined getting the confidence back". "And I saw Harry. It really comes down to who's going to make putts". And I said, I better go find it.

"So, no, I definitely didn't give it away".

"I know that the odds are against me to win it".

Was the Irishman ever anxious that he'd never see his putter again?

"And I think the second reason was growing up on poa annua, poa annua greens, it's something that I'm comfortable on". He's got my putter.

As for the jersey?

Rory McIlroy has admitted to doing some stupid things in his life but nearly leaving Canada for Pebble Beach without his tournament-winning putter would have been right up there. "But I am going to try and ride this good form as long as I can because I have had plenty of bad stuff". "But, no, I'll be obviously an interested onlooker this week". The putter might have been, had he not gotten it back after jokingly giving it to the tournament director in exchange for the Raptors jersey.

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