Why Huawei Is Delaying Samsung Galaxy Fold Rival Mate X’s Launch

Doris Richards
June 19, 2019

Huawei has chose to avoid such a situation that it will test well before launching its foldable phone. Although there were expectations that Samsung Electronics will start selling Galaxy Fold in this month, Samsung Electronics did not confirm on the final release date of Galaxy Fold.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed again as Samsung continues to fix the many issues that were found recently on its soft launch. From its June release date, the Mate X is now expected to be launched on September.

Huawei has also assured its consumers that major apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger will continue to work on its devices, reports Android Authority.

The device is planned to sell for some 2,299 euros or roughly £2,050. Today, Huawei also announced the delay launched of their Mate X foldable phone. Samsung Display vice president Kim Seong-Cheol told attendees at The Korean Information Display Society this week that the Fold is now ready. Carriers additionally have to be thought of on this equation, and the report notes that two of the most important carriers in France have already opted out of promoting the gadget.

Due to the delay, Huawei has at least three more months to refine the Mate X. The first foldable device, the Royole Flexpai, has been noted by reviewers to do the job fairly well but feels too plain for innovation. But, he was quick to say that "the Galaxy Fold, when released, will receive a lot of attention in the market". The company is said to have shipped it with 10 lakh devices for testing.

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