Elon Musk 'deletes' Twitter account after weird video game fan art scandal

Lloyd Doyle
June 20, 2019

Then he signalled in a tweet that he was scrapping the account.

In what appears to be the latest and most freaky move so far, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla - or someone acting on his behalf or pretending to be him - has tweeted that he has "deleted his Twitter account". Tweeting to his 27 million followers under the handle Daddy DotCom, Musk then got into a debate with commenters in which he said he wished people would stop crediting artists on Twitter because "it's destroying the medium" and that "the constant credit crowd are damaging the ethics of the internet".

His Twitter account, however, has taken a turn for the freaky during the last weekend and now analysts fear that this could lead to problems for Musk's company, particularly for Tesla.

Tesla has not commented on Musk's latest tweet. When Musk was later asked during a conference call with reporters why he made that change, he confessed: "I was just playing the fool on Twitter".

This exchange was eventually taken down and proceeded with the message that he has deleted his Twitter account and changing his photo for a black disk.

In related news, CEO Elon Musk acquired 102,880 shares of the business's stock in a transaction on Thursday, May 2nd.

Twitter got Musk into trouble again in February when the SEC alleged a tweet about how many cars Tesla will manufacture this year represented another misleading statement and sought to hold him in contempt of court for violating the settlement.

It remains to be seen if Elon Musk will return to Twitter or not.

That resulted in a new settlement that is supposed to put even tighter controls on his tweets about the company.

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