Google updates the Stadia FAQ for local multiplayer

Doris Richards
July 11, 2019

Google made some changes to its FAQ and they cover everything from the Stadia Controller to the way Google plans to handle games people buy, as well as what devices the game streaming platform will support after its launch. According to the Stadia team, these games will remain available on the platform to stream for those who have already bought the game in the event that a publisher pulls it from the platform.

The new addition to the FAQ should allow early Stadia adopters to breathe a sigh of relief as another potential drawback is removed from the platform, and it should be noted that there has been little released in regards how xCloud will manage purchased games when/if publisher's drop the platform as a whole.

As well as, the corporate has confirmed that Stadia will assist multiplayer titles, together with couch-based coops - actually, you should use up to four Stadia controllers to play local multiplayer video games.

Google Stadia aims to revolutionize gaming by making it available to nearly everyone who has a device capable of browsing the Internet.

Will Stadia work on any Android phone?

More questions have been asked and received answers on the FAQ page.

It should be noted that Google Stadia will only support mobile gameplay on a selected number of devices at launch. Google says they'll send a redemption code to the email address associated with the purchase, but you can then redeem it with a different email account.

During the last Stadia press conference, Google did mention that only certain mobile devices would officially have Stadia support at launch when November arrives.

- The controller uses WiFi to connect to the game.

The search giant adds that the Stadia Controller uses Bluetooth Low Energy for the initial setup and then connects via Wi-Fi for gaming.

At this time, we have no news to share regarding VR support on Stadia. Access to Stadia in November is only available through the Founder's Edition or through a Stadia Buddy Pass. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding additional device compatibility.

If you're the owner of a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3a (that's all variants, including Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 3XL) phones, or a tablet running Chrome OS, you're fine.

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