Hunt 'expects' Brexit by Christmas

Lester Mason
July 13, 2019

On Friday, the contenders head to Cheltenham for their latest hustings with the Tory members who are choosing their destiny.

"I think, somehow, Alex, much as I love the US, much as it would be a dream job for me in many ways, I'm afraid I've got to stick around in case they drop the ball again". "If we get a deal, it will be on or around 31st October but I can't control what Parliament does and that's why I'm being honest with people", he said.

In contrast to Hunt, Boris Johnson, his rival for the top job, has pledged to meet the October 31 deadline for Brexit "do or die", a position that surveys show is popular among the 180,000 grassroots Conservative Party members who are voting for the next leader.

Hammond has predicted a "constitutional crisis" if the next prime minister suspends parliament to try and push through a no-deal Brexit and is backing moves suggested by ex-prime minister Sir John Major to challenge it in the courts.

"They (the EU) need to take. the Irish backstop and they need basically to remit it, to remove it, to delete it", he added.

Mr Hunt has said that he believes he would be able to get a new deal with Brussels, but if that proved impossible, he would prepare for no deal on 31 October, making a judgment on the best course to follow at the end of September.

"Both [Tory leadership] candidates have said that no deal is part of the armory and the negotiations going forward".

Mr Farage stressed that outgoing ambassador Sir Kim Darroch, drawn from the officially neutral Civil Service which serves as something of a permanent standing bureaucracy in the United Kingdom, had been no impartial official, but was a "fanatic for building the European project and the new global order".

Mr Hammond also went on to back Sir John Major, former Tory PM and one of his predecessors as Chancellor and Foreign Secretary.

The veteran MEP noted that Theresa May still has a couple of weeks left before her premiership is expected to terminate, and that she could "as a parting gift, still appoint a new ambassador who might be perfectly bad like Sir Kim Darroch", but that if the decision does fall to Mr Johnson, and Mr Johnson does make the offer, he might not be able to accept it.

"I think everybody is fed up with delay and I think the idea of now consecrating this decision to the judiciary is really very, very odd indeed", he said.

In a swipe at his Mr Johnson, Mr Hunt said he would deliver Brexit "more quickly than the alternative".

The Metropolitan Police said this evening it had opened a criminal investigation into alleged leaking of official communications Mr Darroch.

In an interview with the BBC, the prime minister spoke of "frustration" at not seeing Brexit through and underestimating how "entrenched" MPs had become.

She told the BBC she would leave Downing Street after three years in power with a mixture of pride and disappointment.

"A no-deal Brexit would be enormously damaging and I will do everything I can to persuade my colleagues to avoid that and get a good deal".

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