Man of Medan will offer two compelling multiplayer modes

Doris Richards
July 13, 2019

Up until now, we haven't had an exact number of just how many titles there will be in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Trying to survive gets a little more dicey when you co-op partner is making their own decisions behind your back.

As we know Man of Medan is only the first part of a great project called The Dark Pictures Anthology which now includes at least two games, the first coming in August and the second already in production.

What do you think of Man of Medan announcing multiplayer support? Including that it'll be part of an 8 game series and will include multiplayer modes. Will you be picking up this horror game when it launches? "Now, in Shared Story Mode, players can experience two sides of the same scenes from completely different views - the actions of each shaping the story...and the fate...of the other". You will each be capable of discovering the spooky ship on the heart of Man of Medan and making selections that affect the story and the characters you are controlling. This means that neither player will see the full story, since all the characters will be split up from each other at times. The first being Shared Story Mode where you and another person control 2 different characters.

As for Movie Night mode, groups of up to five players gather round one TV, with each player picking one particular character to make decisions for. When prompted, simply pass the controller onto the next player so that they can continue with their character. You'll also be able to select which starting character you want to play as when beginning a new online co-op game, effectively altering your path through the entire campaign - a good incentive to play through twice.

"We have an arc in mind that plays over eight games", Samuels told IGN. Samuels said that this mode lends to how streamers and their viewers interacted on Until Dawn, and wanted to make it a more interactive experience with a shared audience. According to series director and executive producer Pete Samuels, the team drew inspiration from the creative ways people played Until Dawn together when designing both multiplayer options. It's set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on August 30th.

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