US Man Tackled in Bagel Shop After Ranting About Dating App Misfortunes

Lester Mason
July 13, 2019

"Why is it OK for women to say, "Oh you're 5 feet" on dating sites - you should be dead. Nobody", one of the two women asks incredulously.

The NY Post is reporting that the man launched into the tirade at a Bay Shore Bagel Boss location after a female employee smiled at him, The man, however, felt the smile was not really honest and was meant to mock his short stature.

Bagel Boss owner Donald Rosner later tweeted that anyone who mentioned the video at one of its locations would get a free, small bagel.

In the clip, Morgan sparred with customers before a larger, unidentified man told him to "calm down".

"It was insane. I personally never have heard anyone say that, but to be there in person, it's insane to see that someone has that mind process", Reyes told the Post.

The angry man then challenged the customer to a fight and asked him to step outside, while getting more and more physical.

The video concludes with one of the shocked women turning away from the two grown men on the floor and saying, "Oh my god, I just wanted bagels".

Ms Bradley claimed on Twitter the man was a "misogynistic douchebag" who degraded the female staff at the Bagelboss shop in Long Island. "OK then attack me", the man says. "That's OK?" Before he could hurt someone in the store, the middle-aged man was tackled by another man, who was comparatively shorter than him.

After the scuffle, the angered man left the shop ... without paying for his order - a whole wheat bagel with egg white and Swiss cheese. The videos were all apparently filmed by Morgan.

Morgan has posted on YouTube videos of other nasty confrontations he said began over quips about his height. "That's OK?" Morgan roared at other customers Wednesday in a video shared to Twitter.

"He thought that they were talking about him and his height, and they weren't", says Fedorka.

"You're degrading women, why is that OK?" one of the women is heard asking him, immediately causing him to become enraged about his personal dating life - or lack thereof.

Morgan was also interviewed by "Inside Edition".

Bagel Boss management took the incident in stride.

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