Will Dragon Quest Builders 2 come to Xbox One?

Doris Richards
July 13, 2019

While Dragon Quest Builders 2's tale isn't the most in-depth, it does do a great job of getting you to build stuff, which is the main goal of the game.

All in all, I've found Dragon Quest Builders 2 to be an absolute blast, and I've had a hard time putting it down just to write this review. It also shows the locations of resources such as trees, rocks etc so if there's a particular type of material you need to harvest then this can help you find it. Much like the first game you'll start with simple structures, but quickly advance on to larger projects. It's a ridiculous amount of fun to build and create in this game. Fight all the monsters you see while exploring to earn ExP and level up, which will unlock new fighting moves and plans for building better weapons to help you take on bigger enemies. You also now have a almost bottomless bag to hold all of your stuff, making it very easy to have everything you need on you without resorting to a bunch of inventory management.

This review is based on a digital review code of Dragon Quest Builders 2 on the PlayStation 4, provided by Square Enix. Right down to the blocky look, those that have played Mojang's building title will feel right at home with Dragon Quest Builders 2. And on the first story island, you get the Windbreaker, a cape that allows you to glide across the map. They set out to create a life on this island by travelling to nearby islands and finding food, shelter and more.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is finally here, offering players a unique Minecraft-like experience like no other. To get the definitive answer to this question, you will need to read our Dragon Quest Builders 2 age rating guide. As you progress you learn new recipes and gain new abilities. You're not playing Builders 2 for the story, so it's more than enough that this game feels like a Dragon Quest title, and a couple of times it brought a smile to my face.

Your residents are also much more helpful this time around too. When Dragon Quest Builders 2 was announced, I was obviously excited but more so intrigued. To do this, users must work constantly to fulfill small favors that will get the people to trust them, which will bring all kinds of advantages: from greater facilities when it comes to getting and working the materials, to obtain even a canine companion that support us in the adventure. You can team up with up to three other players online to build stuff and kill monsters together.

The first Dragon Quest Builders initially gave the impression that it was a Minecraft clone or another spin on the Sandbox Open World genre. There are still some little annoying things that remain-it can still be a bit much to organize all of the resources you have, and the camera tends to get stuck zoomed in more often than it should, but Builders 2 definitely builds on the foundation set by its predecessor. You, as your male or female player character and builder, will in turn convince the multitude of NPC's you meet to pick up your building cause, and restore the world brick by brick.

As someone not familiar with Dragon Quest or its lore, I'm not really sure about the importance of Malroth or the Children of Hargon.

Dragon Quest Builder 2 is a sequel I didn't know I wanted.

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