Google's redesigned News tab wants you to know who stories are from

Doris Richards
July 14, 2019

This new design will only be rolled out to the desktop in the next few weeks. The tech giant's treatment of news generally looks as if an afterthought, with the company content material to have its search and aggregation features scoop up content material.

The new design, which the company introduced in a tweet, brings the look of the News tab closer to that of the devoted Google News website.

Google will soon reveal a refreshed News tab that places a priority on publishers, rather than headlines.

Google Search Engine's result shows a variety of things including the latest news about a particular word or phrase you entered in the Search bar. More crucially, it would let publisher names and logos be more prominent, allowing news organisations to showcase their brands even in search.

In the next few weeks, we're rolling out a new re-designed News tab for desktop users, according to a recent Google News Initiative tweet. Also, the articles will be placed more clearsoly so that users can find it easier to search for any news. Still, the redesigned News tab is going to impact publishers as it will feature limited number of links, unlike the current version, which highlights a significant chunk of stories. The image of the news on the right side of this card will be plaqued.

You can see the new interface below, and it does seem like a really good upgrade in terms of the design.

Additionally, the new Cart-type layout of Search Results News will display the full heading of the Article or News instead of showing a small headline.

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