Microsoft Details Inspire 2019 Partner Improvements

Lloyd Doyle
July 14, 2019

Microsoft Teams steadily grew between its launch date and the beginning of 2019 and then spiked over the previous year.

Ever since Microsoft added a free Teams option a year ago, more employers are beginning to use it, Microsoft said.

On Thursday, Microsoft revealed for the first time that its Slack rival product, Microsoft Teams, had reached a daily active user count of more than 13 million.

Slack had 10 million daily active users as of January 2019.

I suppose it's possible that Slack could have picked up three million users over the past five months although given its growth curve over the past several years, it seems unlikely. Microsoft featured a chart (pictured) showing its user numbers next to Slack's. For IT pros, Microsoft noted that Teams is now available to Office 365 Business and Office 365 ProPlus subscribers, which was announced last month.

Teams Problems Microsoft's upbeat announcement was perhaps somewhat overshadowed by Teams user access problems that also happened on Thursday. As The Verge pointed out, Microsoft bundles Teams with Office 365, giving the service a clear advantage with big business.

For those using Teams to manage employees, a new time clock feature allows workers to clock in and out of their shifts via the Teams mobile app. Communication to team members is also improved by a new targeted communication option that allows messages to be sent to all people in the same role. With the "Announcements" feature, Teams users can highlight important message in a channel. Despite the popularity of Slack among its users, the fact that Teams is included with all Office 365 business editions and above has given Microsoft and edge. It plans to roll out channel moderation and priority notifications, which will ping a recipient every two minutes until a response is made, later this month. Managers can use geofencing to make sure employees are on location when they clock in.

"AI for Cultural Heritage" has been announced as the newest component of Microsoft's US$125 million "AI for Good" program.

Constant innovation and new additional features in Teams have been a hallmark of the service from its inception. Use of Amazon Web Services and Google Docs, both of which Microsoft has competing products for, is also strongly discouraged. Indeed, partners are seeing increased interest in Teams.

Finally, IT admins can apply predefined policies across Team functions including messages and meetings.

"Other new partner integrations for Teams include support for contact centers, compliance recording and cloud solution providers".

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